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Crossover Day: Matt Allington / Rob Collie Podcast!

The Ghostbusters Ultimately Ignored this Advice. So Shall We. (Our daring joint podcast is now available here) Greetings, Excel-er-readers! Hi folks! Some of you may know me – I was the “OG” Power BI blogger starting back in 2010, and was the only game in town for years. Eventually though […]

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Extract more than 30,000 rows

Extract Tabular Data From Power BI Service to Excel

Level: Intermediate Updated: 10 Nov 2020 I first wrote this article about how to get tabular data from the Power BI Service into Excel back in Jan 2017.  The benefits of extracting tabular data are still the same as they were back then however the process of extracting the tabular data […]

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Building a Matrix with Asymmetrical Columns and Rows in Power BI

I have written a few articles that are related to this topic (articles that utilise this same technique to solve a problem), but never before have I explained the stand alone concept of how to build a visual with asymmetrical columns and rows in Power BI.  Let me explain with […]

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