Power Update Software

powerupdatePower Update is a significant piece of software that was developed to fill a gap in the Self Service BI Market for people using Power Pivot. Essentially it is a desktop scheduling tool that can be configured to automatically refresh and deploy your Power Pivot workbooks.

What does it do?

Power Update solves a lot of challenges you may face with the Microsoft Self Service BI stack, including the following:

  1. Schedule a single workbook or a folder of workbooks to refresh at the optimum time of the day.
    This allows you to set the auto refresh at a time after your source data has been updated and deploy the refreshed reports to the end destination.  No need to wait until you get into the office and then have to complete this work manually.  You can even schedule an automated email to yourself and the users that the workbooks have been refreshed.  You can schedule the workbooks to refresh at a time when the load on the server will be lowest.
  2. Deploy the updated workbooks to anywhere.
    Once the workbook is refreshed, Power Update will automatically deploy it for you, including to SharePoint, FTP, Network Drive, automatic email (PDF or XLS*) and more.  Power Update stores all of your login credentials so that it can routinely and securely operate from a Desktop PC while it is locked and unattended.
  3. No need to configure expensive and complex VPN connections with cloud solutions.
    One big challenge with SharePoint Online and Power BI is the need to create a connection between the cloud and the corporate network to refresh the workbooks. Power Update solves this problem in the easiest way possible.  It refreshes the workbooks within the secure environment of your corporate network, and then simply deploys the refreshed workbook after it is refreshed.  This eliminates the need to set up, configure and pay for a VPN connection.
  4. Run any VBA code before and/or after auto refresh to complete any unique task.
    This flexible option allows you to build in almost any task that needs to be completed in the workbook prior to deployment.  So now you can create VBA code for any of those manual steps you normally complete prior to deploying the workbook, and have Power Update trigger that process automatically for you.
  5. Works with Power Query, unlike SharePoint.
    One big problem with SharePoint is that it doesn’t support Power Query.  Power Update solves that problem by delegating the refresh process to the desktop and leaves SharePoint to manage the sharing of the file after it has been refreshed.

How much does it cost?

Power Update is free to try and just US$500 to purchase a full working version to operate on a single desktop machine. There is an annual maintenance cost of US$100 starting in the first year. When you consider the repeatable daily time savings and benefits this tool can bring, Power Update provides great value for money.

Where can I get a free trial?

You can download a free trial version of the Power Update Software. This version will work forever on a single workbook. This gives you a chance to take a look at the functionality and prove the value.

Visit the Power Update Website.

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